Abby ("Yuri" in the Korean version) is one of the main characters of Cubix. Connor and the others are good friends to her, but her robot Dondon is her best friend. She has brown eyes and short orange hair with two pigtails, and she wears a small short-sleeved pink shirt with a short violet tank-top that expose her midriff, violet pants, and white shoes.

As a member of the Botties, she is capable of repairing robots and other machinary. Abby is also a skilled pilot, as demonstrated when she took control of Kannon during the battle with Kulminator, and later when she piloted Dr. K's robotic air base in a battle with a towering Zombot.

While usually sensible and cautious, Abby will often join the fight when her friends are in trouble.

In the original Korean version, her name is Yuri and is voiced by Choi Duk-Hee. In the 4Kids Entertainment English dub, her name was changed to Abby and is voiced by Veronica Taylor.