Hela during the second season opening

Hela Nemo is the daughter of Professor Nemo and the owner of the Botties Pit. When Connor first arrived in Bubble Town, she recommended that he try to repair another robot besides Cubix, as nobody had yet been successful in bringing the damaged machine to life.

Hela served as a mentor to the younger Botties, offering her advice and expertise when required. The apparent death of her father only strengthened her desire to help people and robots..

Her wide array of technical knowledge has allowed her to create various defenses for the Botties Pit, which included three levels of protection. Level 1 is a set of panels which can launch attackers away from the Pit and an electrified claw disguised as a wrench. Level 2 is a gun which can fire black spheres; it is unknown what kind of ammunition these spheres are, as they missed the only time they were seen used. Level 3 is an energy shield which can slow down intruders, but it can break if attacked hard enough.

Hela drives a large flying car which is the same shade of green as her sleeveless waistcoat. The vehicle is big enough to carry all of the Botties, plus a few other people.

In the original Korean version, she is voiced by Jung Mi-Sook. In the 4Kids Entertainment English dub, she is voiced by Rachael Lillis.