First appearing in the premier episode of the second season, Kilobot ("Demonix" in the Korean version) is a vampiric robot that is far more intelligent than any of his cohorts, and is Dr. K's finest creation. Specifically designed to absorb and assimilate data from other robots, and to be Cubix's new arch-enemy, Kilobot's name is derived from his ability to copy the data and powers of up to 1,000 other robots. As such, his potential power is unmatched. He downloaded the data and copied the abilities of over 50 robots to his EPU during the time he was active.

Since all of the existing Solex was absorbed by Cubix, Dr. K had to power Kilobot's EPU using a lightning strike from a storm. Kilobot originally appeared in a bat-like form, and immediately absorbed Kolossal's data. He later obtained some of Cubix's EPU data, specifically some of the data that has to do with Cubix's ability to transform. Dr. K then upgraded Kilobot to a bulkier body designed after Cubix's modular components. This gives him the ability to transform into different forms much like Cubix does.


Kilobot's components merged with Cubix's cubes, forming "Kilo-Cubix".

During the series finale, he took control of Dr. K's robots and planned to subjugate all humans so robots could rule the world. He takes control of the giant Zombot, a robot that is able to absorb other robots' EPU data and likewise convert them into Zombots. As part of his plan, he merges his own dissassmbling components with Cubix's during one of the latter's transformations, fusing them together to form "Kilo-Cubix". Cubix eventually breaks free, but he gets 'destroyed' by Kilobot's Solarix blast. The blast merely renders him temporarily offline.

Kilobot is ultimately defeated when the giant Zombot is used by the Botties to absorb his EPU, causing him to permanently shut down. His EPU data is stored in Dr. K's Master Control Module and is used to restore Maximix's EPU data to reactivate him after he was destroyed by Kilobot.

List of known robots copied by Kilobot:

  • Kolossal
  • Draculix
  • Park Manager robot
  • Cubix (partial)
  • Negator
  • Constructix
  • Antennix
  • Tyrannix
  • Flying K robot
  • Maximix
  • Security robot 1
  • Dondon
  • Endurix
  • Celsi-ix (partial)
  • Security robot 2
  • Techsix
  • Professor Nemo's Cloning Module
  • Solarix
  • Metallix

In addition, there were at least 35 other unknown robots that were absorbed by Kilobot.

Voice Actor Edit

  • Liam O'Brien (First Form)
  • Ezra Weisz (Second Form)