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A Frankenstein's monster-esque robot, Kolossal/Scavenger is the brute of Dr. K's forces. Not too intelligent and continuously relies on his master for orders, but almost equal to Cubix in combat ability, Kolossal serves as Cubix's nemesis in the early part of the show.

Kolossal is equipped with various weapons and tools. His left hand is a large claw that can be launched to grab things at a distance. He also has a detachable floating platform on his left shoulder where Dr. K is able to sit. Although bulky, he is capable of limited flight and agile high jumps. Most of the time he uses only brute force to win. Without his master's continuous coordination, however, he can only complete basic tasks.

In the original Korean version, his name is Scavenger and he does not speak. In the 4Kids Entertainment English dub, his name was changed and he speaks in a deep voice, usually saying his name before an action (for instance, "Kolossal, destroy!"). However, he has been shown to be able to form full sentences.