Kulminator is Dr. K's second most powerful robot (behind Kilobot). It was once Dr. K's headquarters as a giant advertisement tower in an abandoned area of Bubble Town. After Dr. K had gathered enough crystallized Solex, he used it to create an enormous EPU, which transformed his headquarters into a giant four-legged robot. Dr. K piloted it on a course for Bubble Town with intentions to destroy it. The Botties (piloting Krab, Katastrophe, Klawber, and Kannon) attempted to stop it, but it ended up being too powerful. The Alien then used the Kulminator's ultimate weapon, the Solex Blaster, to disable Cubix by absorbing his Solex. However, Cubix was able to absorb the energy and use it to fire a Solex blast of his own, knocking out the Kulminator's shields. Dr. K wanted to retreat, but the Alien was determined to continue, firing the Solex Blaster at everything while Dr. K abandoned ship in an escape craft. Cubix then charged himself using his own Solex and flew into Kulminator, striking its EPU, destroying it and the Alien. The destruction of Kulminator's EPU also caused Cubix's own Solex to explode, leaving him drained of power.

Kulminator appeared in 'Cubix the Movie: The Search For Solex' and in season 1 Episode 13 ' The Unbeatable Robot '. It also appeared in The Fight for the Fox Box in a redubbing of the aforementioned fight.