Dr. K

Dr. K sitting right next to a container with Solex.

Solex is a substance which is said to be the ultimate energy source that is as powerful as it is unstable. It was discovered after an alien spacecraft crashed outside of Professor Nemo's lab at RobixCorp, shortly before his apparent death. It has two forms: a glowing electric blue liquid form prone to random energy fluctuations, and a second, more stable, crystallized form. Solex in both forms is capable of producing immense power, and it is thought to be capable of producing virtually unlimited energy. The story suggests that it has a psychic nature, as it reacts to sentient thoughts and emotions, even those of robots' EPUs.

Solex in the 1st season Edit

In the first season, Dr. K collects Solex from infected robots to utilize in his ultimate plan with the aid of the Alien, who uses the alter ego of Raska, the RobixCorp spokesperson. It is suspected that the Solex was originally discovered by Professor Nemo (with the help of a creature that crashed outside his lab). However, due to its unstable nature, the Solex he was experimenting with caused an explosion that transferred liquid Solex into all the robots that were currently in his lab.

Liquid Solex produced unexpected effects in robots that were infected. When the EPU is placed under heavy stress or emotions, the uncontrollable energy reaction of liquid Solex causes them to malfunction and go berserk. Besides the behavioral malfunction, the infected robot also gains extreme power far beyond its normal capabilities. However, this extreme power could overload the host and cause self-destruction unless the liquid Solex is removed, the robot is deactivated, or the Solex energy levels return to normal.

Cubix is discovered to contain crystallized Solex, providing him with an unnatural amount of power. This serves as his primary and only viable power source. During his fight against Kulminator, he flies into the giant robot's EPU. The ensuing destruction causes the Solex in both robots to explode, rendering Cubix offline. Connor attempts to repair him, but Professor Nemo, Cubix's creator, notes that Solex is the only thing that can power Cubix. However, through a strange confluence, the remains of the Solex attract each other and are absorbed back into Cubix. With his power restored and potentially increased, he comes back online. In addition, the extra Solex energy grants him full speech functionality like the other robots.